Drug Testing Program Management

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 Admission Criteria

These are some basic criteria for admission to our program:
In order to be considered for placement at our facility we must receive the following: An Adult Psychosocial Assessment (using DSM-IV TR diagnosis codes), on a state approved ASAM form, conducted by someone with a Master’s Degree or higher in a Clinical Counseling field recommending this level of care. (Level III.1 Clinically Managed Low Intensity Residential Treatment Program).

Must be 18 years old or above.
Must be willing and able to work a full-time job. (If able.)
Must be willing and able to participate in 12-Step Groups and all program clinical activities.
Must submit to a drug/alcohol screen prior to admission and test negative on this screen.  And submit to drug/alcohol screens on a regular basis throughout your FSH house stay.

In the case of an incarcerated individual, you will receive the same consideration as anyone else.  Yet, you must realize that in the case of parole, etc., you may be scheduled to be released on a particular day and we may not have an opening that day….,in which case you may be held a few days, weeks, etc., longer before we would have a bed available.  If you are willing to accept this condition, you will certainly be given every consideration.  Also, we require that State inmates provide proof of successful completion of a SAP, TC, or Crime Bill substance abuse program while incarcerated. If you are placed on our waiting list we expect you to maintain contact with us until your release.

NOTE: We are unable to accept sex offenders.
Financial Obligation: $250.00 Admission Fee (you will not be turned down for admission if you do not have this fee up front).
Once you become gainfully employed we will deduct 30% of your weekly net income for room and board.
We also charge a transportation fee of $2.00 per trip for rides to and from work.

This is not to be considered an acceptance letter.


                                                             Revised: 10/04/2017




Sam J. Long IV, NCAC I
Executive Director